Records Management

Manage physical records with the same drag-and-drop ease of digital.

TransAccess transforms physical records management: files that used to take hours to find can be located in seconds from any authorized computer or device, and record requests that formerly took weeks to process and ship can be retrieved, used and returned in a few days. Users can even initiate direct user-to-user file transfer requests, and thanks to state-of-the-art barcode technology, admins and users can continuously track the files in real-time.

The TransAccess Records Management module works with any physical items you need (including records, boxes, binders, packages, etc.) throughout your organization, both in circulation and after it has been retired to its final repository (NARA, your internal records department, etc.). The Records Management module acts as a virtual library system where an item can be checked in and out by users while enforcing visibility, accountability and timeliness.

The Benefits

For Users

Works easily with simple interfaces, user-specific dashboards

Tracks records in real-time so users stay up-to-date

Works in batches so users can manage large volumes at once

Enables user-to-user file transfers and requests

For The Organization

Ensures compliance with governance and regulations

Secures business records against misuse and inappropriate access

Prevents lost records

Meetscustom internal retention and disposal schedules

Create custom workflows including file routing and approval processes

For the IT Department

Easy to implement with cloud-based deployment and no need to install any software

Easy to support thanks to straight-forward and self-explanatory UX

Easy to produce audit reports with a full suite of tracking tools

Easy to budget with no per-seat licensing required

The one and only records manager to interface directly with ARCIS.

The TransAccess Records Management module is also the only application in its class which has a direct interface with ARCIS, the National Archive and Records Administrator’s (NARA) primary archival and tracking system. This feature makes tracking records throughout their lifespan seamless and simple by reducing tedious paperwork and the cost associated with migrating records between the two agencies.

Designed from the ground up as a scalable web-based solution to function within any organization that interfaces with the Federal Records Centers (FRCs) of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

The interface between ARCIS and TransAccess utilizes a Web Service capability, which provides a simplified mechanism to connect applications regardless of location, technology or device.

Put physical and digital records on the same page.

When paired with the Content Management module, users can maintain total visibility into all records; further, physical and digital files can be linked for a complete picture. TransAccess offers end-to-end content management at your fingertips in one simple package. Learn more about the Content Management module.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

An effective document management solution can result in:


Cost Savings


Time Savings


Improved Accuracy


Improved Efficiency

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