Digital Mailroom

Streamline & Automate Incoming Mail and Document Processing With TransAccess Digital Mailroom.

COVID-19 continues to challenge agencies with new processes to meet the needs of a remote workforce, TransAccess offers our customers a quick turnaround Digital Mailroom service that allows mail clerks continuous access to your organization’s inbound physical mail. Once the mail has been digitized, it can be accessed through our NARA compliant secure cloud storage repository called TransAccess and is offered via our GSA electronic records schedule.

TransAccess scanning experts have in depth experience, certified credentials, proven processes and a secure infrastructure to scan, index and ensure quality control to meet your requirements.

Today, the speed of business requires organizations to process information faster than ever. Keeping pace by effectively managing incoming correspondence has never been more important — it’s a critical function that impacts agencies ability to do business and communicate with customers and stakeholders.

With TransAccess Digital Mailroom Service you can automate the capture of all incoming mail and correspondence, whether delivered on paper, in an email, via fax or at the point of origination, and deliver structured electronic information to your business processes and systems.

Processing high-value incoming mail is simple with TransAccess Digital Mailroom Service. Your critical information will be available at the point of need.

Jumpstart downstream information workflows to improve speed, security and accuracy for transactional processes like accounts payable, claims and invoice processing, among others, creating audit trails to help with compliance and industry regulations.

Information coming from a variety of sources is electronically captured and classified. TransAccess Digital Mailroom Service can send notifications to key stakeholders if information is incorrectly classified or missing. The file is routed for action or review only if the required information is correct. Tasks and decisions are now completed with information at the point of need ensuring critical data that comes into the business reaches the right person.

Save Time

Speed up processing of all forms of incoming business documentation, whether paper or digital.

Improve efficiency

Our digital mailroom solution will help improve decision-making with up-to-date and accurate information.

Boost Productivity

Boost productivity and reduce response and mail delivery times. Review and take action on mail pieces from anywhere.

Improve Records Management

TransAccess Digital Mailroom helps customers support corporate policies and compliance with traceability and records management.

Better Flexibility

TransAccess Digital Mailroom offers flexibility: on-premise or cloud delivery, perpetual or subscription pricing, managed service or self-managed.

We can help improve the way you work. Find out how automation can free up your employees, take productivity to the next level and redefine efficiency.

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