Content Management

Collapse document retrieval from hours-to-weeks to right now.

With TransAccess, finding files is just a matter of punching in a file number or performing a simple search. TransAccess pulls up the file instantly – complete with annotations, full version history, audit trail, and more. All that, faster than you can take a sip of coffee.

The TransAccess Content Management module allows you to store, retrieve, and view any type of file securely online. Powerful search functions include full-text searches and indexing parameters controlled by you. Its customizable functionality includes rules-based workflows, enforced archiving and retention schedules, automated routing, and more. TransAccess Content Management increases access and automation, shrinks workloads and speeds up timeframes.

The Benefits

For Users

Works easily with simple interfaces, user-specific dashboards

Enables faster work and higher productivity with enhanced search

Keeps all users on the same page with robust version controls

Helps users find the right document right when they need it

Eliminates the need for paper files

For The Organization

Ensures compliance with governance and regulations

Secures business records against misuse and inappropriate access

Reduces CapEx and OpEx costs

Enforces retention and disposal policies

Prevents lost records

Reduces cost of legal discovery, investigation and audit

For the IT Department

Easy to implement with cloud-based deployment and no need to install any software

Easy to support thanks to straight-forward and self-explanatory UX

Easy to produce audit reports and discovery documents upon request

Easy to budget with no per-seat licensing required

Gain a Competitive Advantage

An effective document management solution can result in:


Cost Savings


Time Savings


Improved Accuracy


Improved Efficiency

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