We’re focused on helping our customers revolutionize their IT operations.

Peniel Solutions, LLC (PSL), was founded in 2000. Veronise J. Wright and James McGriff, minority entrepreneurs, partnered to become champions of transforming information technology for government and private sector clients by providing key products and services.

PSL is a global outsource provider of business process solutions that simplify, facilitate and enhance critical business processes. Our mission is to provide solutions that facilitate the movement of business critical information between and among business enterprises and their partners. Our strategy is to further develop innovative solutions to existing services to expand our ability to benefit our enterprise clients and increase the breadth and size of the markets we satisfy today. Our acquisition growth strategy is focused on acquiring intellectual and technology assets that continue to accelerate the expansion of our client solutions.

Our Customers

City of Atlanta

Department of Army

Department of Navy

Department of Commerce

Department of Housing and Urban Development

National Archives and Records Administration

Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA)

Federal Housing Administration