Does the U.S. Lead the World in E-government? Not According to the U.N.

The United States government is committed to a digital future. That’s why the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has set ambitious digitization objectives for federal agencies, for example. As the federal government steadily [...]

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7 Red Flags Showing You Need Help With Your Electronic Records Management System

Effective records management is a challenging task. Records managers often have to balance a complex array of logistical, budgeting, operational, and legal requirements. Ideally, electronic records management (ERM) systems should help. They can automate many [...]

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Can Your Records Management System Handle Legal E-Discovery?

When faced with legal or regulatory action, government agencies and other organizations may find themselves fielding information requests in preparation for an audit or litigation. This process is called discovery. It’s when the parties involved [...]

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How to Make Audits Easier With an Electronic Records Management System

No one likes audits, but they’re a fact of life for government agencies and private organizations alike. Whether the audit is being conducted internally or by a regulatory body, they consume time, effort, and budget. [...]

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How We Cyber Protect Our Data and Remote Workforce

With the COVID-19 pandemic every major business found that the only way to keep production up was to let employees work from home, including government agencies. While this workforce keeps production and revenue flowing, it adds considerable cybersecurity risks[...]

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Records Management & Remote Work: How to Facilitate Team Success

Unprecedented numbers of federal workers have found themselves working from home since the COVID-19 pandemic struck the United States. Further, even as government staff begin returning to their offices, many may continue to telework, according [...]

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Where Do Electronic Records Fit Into Disaster Recovery and Crisis Planning?

Business continuity and disaster planning is critical for every organization that wants to remain open and operating in the aftermath of an emergency situation. We can’t necessarily know what emergencies will befall us, and the [...]

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