PSL was named one of the top 20 providers for Cloud Solutions in CIOReview’s 2019 rankings. Read a preview of the article below, and click on the image or link below to read the full article.

“Cloud execution for digital transformation has unquestionably risen across many industries. The public sector is beginning to catch up and harness this tidal wave of digital transformation. Let’s face it: most government organizations were slow to execute on the digital cloud evolution for a variety of factors. This is supported by a few reasons, either the agencies found themselves too diverse to bring all the entities together, or they discovered it was extremely difficult to navigate procurement impediments, regulations and escape their own processes. Another reason for the slow execution was finding the right contract vehicles that were easy to engage and access quality vendors. To support the growing need for digital transformation, government organizations require an expert solution provider that is easy to access. Enter Peniel Solutions, LLC (PSL).”

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