Intelligent Enterprise Content Management

TransAccess is a revolutionary document management, imaging, and tracking solution that simplifies the capture, management, security, and access to information across the enterprise. Organizations that use TransAccess gain the benefits of increased security, accessibility and improved productivity.

TransAccess is a web-based document management system that does more than just look good on paper: it bridges the gap between modern best practices and future next practices that will meet needs today and down the road, delivers functionality your staff and stakeholders will love, and makes every day measurably easier on everyone. With no software to install and documents accessible securely through web browsers your users already know, TransAccess is as user-friendly as it is powerful. Behind the scenes, the system offers enterprise-friendly security and access features, robust version controls, custom workflows, critical regulatory compliances and more.

Go green and save paper

TransAcccess helps prevent lost records and assists in reducing your organization’s reliance on paper.

Improve transparency

TransAccess makes compliance a breeze and helps improve transparency across your entire organization.

Speed up file searches

TransAccess makes file searching and retrieval lightning-fast, from hours or days to just seconds.

Improved security

Secure your files and access with role-based permissions and encryption options

Real-time insights

Gain access to information about real-time file usage and file location across the enterprise.

Simple workflows

TransAccess makes it easy to create drag-and-drop workflows that can be used across your organization

Simple integrations

TransAccess integrates with existing software and protocols, including NARA’s ARCIS.

Reduce costs

Gain a competitive advantage by reducing operational and capital expenses

Improve productivity

Save time and resources by improving your ability to find and access files across the enterprise.
“PSL got our loan records imaged and indexed much faster than we expected,
and made it a snap to access them anywhere, anytime.”
Office of Insured Health Care Facilities (OIHCF)

Save Time

Eliminate wasted time spent searching for important documents.

Improve efficiency

TransAccess means less time searching, more time finding.

Reduce Costs

Time saved means better allocation of resources and reduced costs.

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Did You Know?

0 minutes
On average it takes 10 minutes to retrieve & re-file every paper document. Now imagine if it only took 10 seconds. Fortunately, you don’t have to fantasize: TransAccess makes your files instantly accessible.
0% lost
Nearly 10% of documents end up lost or filed incorrectly. TransAccess allows you to track every physical file in real-time and even handles user-to-user file transfers without ever losing sight of business-critical files.
0% savings
NARA saved 60% with TransAccess, due in part to reduced staff labor. What benefits will you reap when the TransAccess Content Management module puts every digital file in your organization at your fingertips?
80% to 95% of enterprise information is stored on paper and electronic documents
Of these documents, 25% are misplaced and never located.
Document mismanagement claims 40% to 60% of office workers’ time, 20% to 45% of labor costs and 12% to 15% of corporate revenue.
In organizations with 1000+ users, each user spends an average of 3 hours a week recreating content that is either misplaced or lost.

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