Govern from the Cloud

If you don’t already believe everyone is jumping on the cloud-computing bandwagon, it’s time to change your tune: Even major government agencies are making the change.

The U.S. General Services Administration, Department of the Interior, Department […]

Desktop Access Is Hurting Your Sales Team

Members of the global workforce are always on the move, often commuting to meetings or conferences. According to an ITProPortal article, studies show that a whopping “61% of staff work outside the office at least […]

Is Cloud Computing Worth It?

Today, storing your business documents digitally is par for the course. That means there are lots of different ways to manage your documents. So why choose cloud-based storage?
No matter your business size, the cloud can […]

Conquer that Document Digitization Mountain in Four Simple Steps

Easily digitize your document management system with these four simple steps: scanning, storing, retrieving, and securing.

Keeping and maintaining records is a requirement for most organizations. Making sure it’s done – and done well – can […]